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How To Trade Stocks That Are Tanking!

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Trading stocks that are tanking can be tough. Mentally especially.  Watch this video and learn what I traded today, and what I will watch for tomorrow.   Have a great day and take this survey!

What will APPLE’S Earnings Be like tonight?

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Here is a quick video on AAPL’s earnings tonight and my thoughts on that and the overall market. The market is full of surprises and doing your homework is key. 1. Knowing what you don’t know is key. 2. Being patient is key. 3. Having a Coach is key. 4. Understanding risk is key. 5. more »

Top ten brokerage firms 2014

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Top ten brokerage firms 2014 In financial parlance, brokerage is the facilitation of trading of financial securities, generically known as marketable stocks, of a broker who serves as the middleman between the seller and the buyer. The brokerage agent typically converses with both parties and works with them to bring them to a decision. The more »

Top ten stock scanners to use

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Top ten stock scanners to use Finding a good stock to trade is not easy and you should be careful before making a final decision on what to trade. However, you can find lots of investing tools that can make your job easy. To find a good stock to trade, stock scanning is a great more »


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HOW TO USE FINVIZ SCREENERS Finviz (short for Financial Visualizations) is a site that provides financial research, analysis and visualization. It makes market information accessible in visual snapshots to enable traders and investors to find a stock or Forex pairs they are interested in trading. How to use the Finviz Stock Screener Go to Finviz.com more »

Top ten trading books to read 2014

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Top ten trading books to read 2014 The books in this list focus to help improve investors skill and understanding of trading.  Online resources listed in these top 10 books provide the fundamental and technical data that show the basic, as well as advanced traders, lessons of value investing and technical analysis(chart reading). This list more »

How To Trade Penny Stocks Using Twitter!

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Many of my students have found me on twitter and this is what they are saying. Go here to see my courses! I have traded for years traveling the world and trading from beaches, houses, vacations all because I have my laptop and a solid strategy. You never know where I will be. I am more »

Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy Exit strategy is actually the predefined rule or plan for closing the open positions while they are in profit. Exit strategy is more important than an entry strategy but very few traders realize this. Ultimately it is the exit strategy that defines if you are in profit or loss. Exit strategy is also more »

Stop Loss

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Stop loss is essentially a risk tolerance limit or level used frequently by investors or traders to minimize their losses into a limit. Stop loss is frequently used in the stock market by experienced and successful traders.  It allows them to limit their losses so that they can cover their losses with further profits. Stop more »

This DVD has made me thousands! Selly sell

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I have a 16 chapter DVD for sale I usually sell for $397 this is on sale for the next 48 hours for $197. Pay with THIS LINK and learn how I bank day in and day out. Then Ill send it to you via web/email so you can watch it immediately. Email me remove more »