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The Greatest Blackjack Card Game I witnessed that help me trade stocks better!

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Hi, before I tell you about an amazing event I just witnessed, let me give you a quick market update. As you’ve probably noticed, the waters have been pretty choppy. And that’s a good thing. Because I’m looking for grand slams when it’s like this — no more getting ground down for $200 losses here more »

$CUBA Stock Soared, and Has Nothing To Do With Cuba!

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Cuba stock is so misleading, as it soared today is caught many bagholders into buying this garbage. The stock was even receiving newsfeed from all over the web under that ticker. Here is a great tweet showing that $CUBA the stock mostly is invested in the USA. https://twitter.com/lx21/status/545245691971641344/photo/1  

Alibaba and Yahoo shares are soaring.

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This is an educational opinion post only. Not advice to buy or sell any security. Please read my disclaimers. Ok on to the analysis. Just to run an update on my GPRO blog that I posted when the stock was at $96 claiming things that Jim Cramer even said! I would not be a buyer more »

Why GPRO is soaring and overvalued.

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GPRO is soaring today up another 5%-7%. Look at the fact that the stock is now up 250 + % since it’s IPO. I want to jump immediately to my point that I echo Josh Brown off CNBC and say, “if this was a stock I wanted this is not where I would get in” more »


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The entire world is up-in-arms over EBOLA…. It’s spread in western Africa at rates that are unprecedented. I’m not one to profit on the misfortune of others (I actually lived in Africa as the child), but when a stock moves, I don’t really care why, I just look to get positioned for a profit. LAKE soared as more »

NASDAQ: MOBI Is Soaring… But Why?

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Mobi soared from 8.65 yesterday, and closed at 10.50 as you may know… but this stock has more room to run. I’ve been bullish on it’s chart pattern form some time now, and have been waiting for the right time to pull the trigger – the same setup happened last year with KNDI, when it was more »

The Psychology behind AVNR and why it is soaring.

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AVNR is soaring 85.31% today, and at one point was up almost 100%. Here are some reasons why, and how the stock is up this much. 1. Stocks typically move this much by some piece of news, catalyst or event. Then once the stock doesn’t stop, during day one, it feeds upon itself. In the more »

The Psychology Behind The VNET Fraud Allegations.

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This is an educational post not financial advice. Imagine you are a trader or investor and you have been in a stock for a year. Then in 1 day and more specifically, hours this morning September 10 2014, your “investment” or “trade” crashes all the way to where you bought it or lower a year ago. more »

Using Finviz to find your winning trades! 2014

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Using finviz is tricky. But once you nail down what to “look” for it isnt to hard to spot the next stock that will move up for you or down for you. Take a look at these video lessons on how to find your next winning trades on finviz.   Here is another video of more »

Janet Yellen Jackson Hole 2014 Holding Those Rates Low!??

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http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-17/jackson-hole-yellen-draghi-fed-minutes-week-ahead-aug-18-23.html   There is a link to a recent bloomberg article about Janet Yellen talking about holding the rates low for the year or at least the next quarter. Overseas issues are calming down, ISIS are afraid of the women that are shooting them because if they are shot by a woman and killed, they more »