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Free and Best Paid Stock Trading Resources On The Web.

The problem most people seem to have is attaining the best information on stocks that are moving.


The free option is and launch the platform which offers free charting with a paper trading account, a free scanning tool, and live news that streams.


For the paid cheaper option check out. elite


And for the dead serious and the most bling or $$, check out., with this link we equityfeed wants to offer you a 14 day trial, and two months off at a deep discount.


For research once I find my stocks on those screeners:


I don’t really trade biotech, but, this site is my biotech research secret, I use it to find stocks that are having upcoming approvals.


This site I use to get a quick glance at what company fundamentals look like and to see what other major investors are eyeballing my stock I’m looking at trading or getting into.


Ok now this is the motherlode for those looking for a one year investing strategy.


Joel Greenblatt is unbelievable investor, he has a philosophy that I have been studying with a friend of mine over the last year, and it seems to be working pretty well. He basically looks for cheap stocks in relation to their P/E Price to earnings ratio, and also whichever one has the greatest ROC, return on capital. This seems like a win/win fundamentally.


Gurufocus also has a line that shows a Joel Greeblatt indicator under the Return On Capital line under the 10 year financial statements tab.

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