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NASDAQ: MOBI Is Soaring… But Why?

Mobi soared from 8.65 yesterday, and closed at 10.50 as you may know… but this stock has more room to run.

I’ve been bullish on it’s chart pattern form some time now, and have been waiting for the right time to pull the trigger – the same setup happened last year with KNDI, when it was at $5 and ran to $22 in a month!

It’s a very simple pattern I teach, and coupled with volume, the breakout price action, and the added fundamental tail winds of a China Telecom deal, the $20’s aren’t far off for MOBI stock. Take a look:

The pattern you see below is EXACTLY what I teach my students. Once I teach my students to spot these setups using FREE TOOLS, it’s a game changer. Want these tools? They’re free! To get them, take my traders survey here and I’ll send them to you…

To me and my students, it’s obvious this stock was poised for a massive breakout, but that’s because I’ve studied the markets for years, and passed the knowledge to them. It took a lot of pieces coming into play for this move, but when they do, it’s “game-on.”

I’ve worked with tons of students from simple things like setting up your charts correctly and getting started, how stocks actually move between support & resistance, and how to follow various patterns!

If you want to learn to find trades like this on your own, the best advice I can give you is to find someone, anyone, with experience – Tiger Woods didn’t become the worlds best golfer on his own, he had a coach(s) – and lean on their experience to guide you on the right direction. Going it alone is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Sure… you may get there, but you won’t have any money by the time you do.

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Trading is one of the most abundant sources of income for me (and those I teach), and it can be that way for you too. You just have to take the first step.

Trade Abundantly,

Ben – CSquared Trading

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