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Stock Trading Class DVDs


Stock Trading DVDs

Are you looking for a complete stock trading class that shows the process of how to setup chart, find stocks, and know exact strategies to trade the charts? Here it is all for $397!

 The Stock Trading Class DVDs include:

Disc 1 – Stock Trading DVDs Training PDF Downloads

70 Page Manual With Technical Analysis (Charts)
Fundamental Analysis (Analyzing Company Numbers)
2 Specific Money Making Strategies Using Charting Patterns, Process Flow and Volume.

Disc 2 – Learn to Trade with C Squared Stock Trading DVDs – Chapters 1-8
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Examples
Chapter 3: Trading & the News
Chapter 4: Narrowing Your Universe
Chapter 5: Identifying Chart Patterns
Chapter 6: Chart Patterns Part 2
Chapter 7: Support & Resistance
Chapter 8: Intraday Chart Patterns

Disc 3 – Learn to Trade with C Squared Trading ┬áStock Trading Class DVDs – Chapters 9-16

Chapter 9: Volume Studies

Chapter 10: What Charts to Use

Chapter 11: Candlesticks

Chapter 12: What’s a Short Sale?

Chapter 13: The Short Squeeze

Chapter 14: Market Situations

Chapter 15: Money Management

Chapter 16: Final Strategies

If you have any questions, please give our team a call.

Remember this is an educational DVD and we are an education company. WE are not financial advisors. This DVD was created to educate individuals how to learn to read charts and analyze public data that is already out there.