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The entire world is up-in-arms over EBOLA….

It’s spread in western Africa at rates that are unprecedented.

I’m not one to profit on the misfortune of others (I actually lived in Africa as the child), but when a stock moves, I don’t really care why, I just look to get positioned for a profit.

LAKE soared as this firm sells the Hazard Material Suits for this epidemic, alot of speculation was going on!

The outbreak has caused a shutdown of certain countries in order to bring the virus under control. Here’s a recent quote from a reputable news source:

Good news for containment of an outbreak that has killed more than 2,800 people. “time magazine”

Some are saying there’s potential for one-million people to contract the virus in a worst-case scenario – which would bring a windfall of profits in a stock I’ve been trading – TKMR.

The reality is, the business of saving lives is huge, and this outbreak is carving out a new market for the treatment/cure of this horrible virus. Who creates this serum? TKMR does. There’s major potential in this stock if widespread outbreak happens.

The stock roared the other day when they announced they have been using their serum to fight the virus in the affected. On top of that the market has been weak, and traders tend to flock to strength on weak market days. And TKMR has been showing good strength, primarily because of the technicals & fundamentals I look any any stock before I ever consider trading it. TKMR has all of these… and it worked well for me and my students when we traded it Monday.

If you’re serious about becoming a better trader… and you want to learn how to find stocks like TKMR before they move, I’d love to speak to you.

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P.S. MOBI soared from 8.80 to $11 last time I blogged on this stock… on news they were partnering with china mobil. The news hasn’t changed and the stock is down to exactly where it started before. I added some here after selling all of it last week.

This pattern is a text-book example of what I teach my students on charts and patterns. Watch and learn these patterns! They really work! And remember, it’ll take years to learn all this on your own, or you can hit the “fast” button by talking with me. Just take my survey first: