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Top ten stock scanners to use

Top ten stock scanners to use

Finding a good stock to trade is not easy and you should be careful before making a final decision on what to trade. However, you can find lots of investing tools that can make your job easy. To find a good stock to trade, stock scanning is a great process which will help you to find a company that meets specific financial criteria. As there are lots of stock scanners, you need to find the best one based on the criteria you find most important.  Some of these criteria may be; operating functions, ease of use, depth of filter criteria, etc. Here, I will discuss my top 10 stock scanners that can assist you in your trading. is considered one of the best stock scanners because of its huge selection of criteria. A very user friendly interface makes this scanner the best choice for most traders. If you use this scanner, you will find both fundamental and technical scan filters, which will gives a great advantage in picking the right stock. FINVIZ is one of the best stock scanners nowadays because of its focus on depth and quality. When using this scanner, you will be able to hover on any specific stock ticker and get quick to the chart of that stock.

Yahoo Finance is the 2nd choice on my list for various reasons. This stock scanner delivers such amazing results that every investor likes to use it. Yahoo Finance is an advanced screener that features, in an individual window, both a basic HTML screener, and Java, which can be utilized via the same web browser.  You will get extra technical criteria with this scanner which is absent in other scanners. You have the flexibility to save the results for later use or the data can be exported to Excel. This is another scanner that has a very user-friendly interface.

The Morningstar stock scanner is a famous mutual fund scanner that helps investors to select their desired result by 3 Morningstar criteria; financial health grade, profitability grade and growth grade. This is a basic stock scanner by its functionality, but you can use various quality criteria to choose the best stock. Premium users will also get additional screening tools and benefits.

Google Finance is another top choice for many investors. The criteria available for this scanner to perform a scan are absolutely amazing. However, it should be noted that the fundamental filters of this scanner are fairly standard and there are few technical filters.

Marketwatch scanner is another highly recommended scanner for investors for its unique quality. You can consider it a very basic type of scanner with the simplest and easiest interface. You little trouble using this scanner. You can easily utilize this scanner to produce multiple scans to build your desired stock lists, but you may not find it helpful in terms of advanced functionality.

EquityFeed is another remarkable stock scanner for day traders. This is a real time trading platform with another friendly interface. Fully customized and ultra-powerful filters will help you to pick the right stock, which can help to make quick profits. You will get real-time and actionable alerts based on price movement and technical parameters. You will get a clear view of the market with the marketview feature of this scanner. The fully customizable chart is very helpful.

Stockscouter can give real-time stock alerts and is another great scanner. The Intraday trading tool is amazing with this scanner, as you can get real-time alerts with just one click. This scanner is suitable for most day traders. The straightforward interface and some free, real-time alerts makes this scanner popular and very useful.

Motley Fool Caps is a very popular stock scanner among traders. You will get scan results based on a scale of 1 – 5 after selecting your criteria. Amazing features and proprietary indicators for technical analysis will help you to identify the movement of a stock. Most interestingly, if you use this scanner then you will find that it automatically maintains large stock market data on your local drive. You will get quicker results than getting the result from any web server.

StockFetcher has an updated version (2.0 version) that contains perfect and standard charting interfaces. You do not need to download any software, but you will get access to a clean and adaptable charting interface. Once you set the criteria, it will scan very quickly to provide the desired result. This aids in making any buy/sell decision quickly.

MarketClub will give you a unique charting and scanning experience. You do not need to write any scans for this program. This scanner will scan the market for you based on their “smart scan and trade triangle.”  With various useful indicators, this scanner is highly recommended for investors.


All of the listed scanners have useful and unique characteristics. However, it is not necessary for you to use all of them. You should pick the one or two among these ten according to your own requirements and needs. If you are new in this business, then try the basic scanners first.  If you are already familiar with basic level stock trades, then you may try those scanners that have advanced scanning functions. Not all the scanners are suitable for everyone. The choice is yours to find what works best for you.