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Top ten stock traders on twitter

Top ten stock traders on twitter

When a trader buys and sells the same stock on the same day, he has made a day trade. About one percent of personal traders account for half of the day dealing and 1 / 4 of complete dealing with personal traders. Large day traders generate complete earnings, but their earnings are not adequate to cover transaction costs. Moreover, in the common six month period, more than eight out of ten day traders lose cash. Despite these gloomy results, there is powerful proof of great ability for a relatively small number of day traders. So you need to follow some good traders.

Do day traders make money? This was a main query in the research described above. Unfortunately, to date, there is no extensive scientific proof available to response this query. Though the research included some studies of the productivity of the day dealing, these studies were mostly restricted to a few records. Market possibilities occur in actual time, and people who twitter update about them can provide the information quicker than the press can. So, here are few legendary traders whom you can follow on twitter to grab the desired success from this volatile marketplace. My 10 favorite and most dependable traders are given below:

With the fantastic ability of picking great trades, Bryon Franzen @ bkfviking123 is the first name in my list who has thousands of tweets. He is a full time legendary trader and you will find him tweeting several times. When he does, you can easily follow his style to get the best success.

@csquaredtrading is the most dependable and trustworthy expert who can be ideally followed for all microeconomics. His continuous reports on market economics help lots of traders, and more followers are joining to take advantages of such traders. By following his tweets, you can get your desired success easily.

@traderstewieis an excellent trader and vastly known for his in-depth analysis of this market. Daily stock alerts from this legendary trader will help you to get very quick success by minimizing the risk. His helpful tweets are followed by thousands of followers and you will learn lots of trading tips by following him. A must follow for all.

$10,000 profit in a day is not a fairy tale, but a true fact, which has been done by  great trader named Nathan Michaud @investorslive. Upon following his 50,000+ tweets, you will discover that his resources are educational and help anyone boost their profit. With his excellent chart analysis, he is great to watch.

My next pick is Mark Lehman @markflowchatter who has more than 23 years of experiences as  a trader and market intelligence. The most interesting thing is, this legendary trader releases his news based on various analysis before any media, which will give you a great advantage to make sufficient profits from this market. A must follow for all beginners or experts.

Joe Kunkle @OptionsHawk is a very famous  active swing trader. He is also known as the founder of – a popular web portal full of useful resources. For directional trading ability, he is one of the best. Options trading with the consideration of underlying equities becomes more fun and enjoyable with the help of this legendary options expert.

As an active trader with T3 trading group, Scott Redler @RedDogT3Live is followed by thousands. If you want to learn stock charting in a better way, then follow his tweets. This will help you to understand how technical analysis can make a positive difference in your trading. His stock charting experiences and top notch chart analysis is a must follow.

[email protected] is a famous full time trader, and his twitter posts mainly consist of prospectives that may be prepared to pop during the day he tweets them. Together, these twitter posts make an excellent review/record for investors to analyze further.  All of this starts with sound stock-charting place.

Paul @Super_Trades  can find shares companies that grow by as much as 300% in a month. Just one example: One of his latest picks, and a favorite of mine, was Parametric sound. The stock rocketed from around $9 to $22 within a month. You can follow his tweets confidently or get more resources from his blog

If you want to maximize your profit ratio by picking the perfect stock, then you should follow NYC Trader or @SZAman and his tweets regularly. He is not only a very successful and active trader, but also tweets regularly, so that anyone can take advantage by following his style of trading. He is the best example of a trend trader, which makes him a must follow for all.