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Reviews By C Squared Trading, Updates on stock markets, Crypto 2018 updates, and everything else.

Stock markets are at all time highs as I write this. Trump is president and the month is June 2018. It seems that the markets have nothing that can pull it back except for possibly just a technical need for a healthy pullback. Again, I am not a financial advisor nor anything I say here is to be taken as financial advice. It is an opinion of a market watcher over the past 11 years.

The cryptocurrency market has really caught my attention as things have really slowed down.

About two years ago I was on a basketball court right before Super Bowl 2016 and was telling my friends about this thing called Bitcoin ($300 at the time), and how it looked interesting. Fast forward a year from there it was over $1200 per coin from $300 per coin for Bitcoin. At one point Bitcoin soared to over $19,000! This is incredible, it means there is so much more to come. This cryptocurrency market grabbed my attention as so much money seems to be flowing into this space. I have been mesmerized in the shift in the way the internet can now be a more secure place as a result of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a fascinating technology that will revolutionize the internet and so many things in that space.

This video is a great explainer of that.


For a while now, due to a death in the family, I have stopped taking new students, however as my policy to current students has always been, if you pursue me or email me, (my team checks my email once every two to three weeks) I will always over deliver to help you as long as it is within the year of our agreement and or if you are stuck and need help moving forward for a quick session! Don’t forget to trade live, as their is no better teacher. Review what your mistakes are, and constantly study the markets. Keep it within your means of understanding. Also always study my rules and my videos that you will have access to as a student. These are very helpful.

In this business as well as many others in the education space, many students can fall off the map and or don’t study diligently year after year. I have been assembling a success map to help change this. I have been working with a startup success coach to help create a map, that will change the way individuals study trading. It will be a new venture for myself as I work on this over the next few months, and a game changer I believe, as I strive to add value. When it is done I will post it here as a download.

Actually a cool story…. As I sat down with a futures trader for dinner the other night, we talked about what is the best way to make money in the markets… My answer wasn’t WHAT is the way, it is WHO is the way… Find the who right near you, but then typically this is the HOW in 3 points they will tell you!

1. Stay focused on your strategy.
2. Chip away at the gains, and don’t over trade.
3. Never ever get greedy or overzealous, or braggadocios.

This is so true! Trading doesn’t have to be difficult, it has to be disciplined.

As we spoke I got the feeling he was killing it, and making a ton for himself. Truth be told he was doing very well.

Find yourself someone like this in close proximity to you and ask if you can peek over their shoulder for help or guidance. You can find traders in churches, meetups, just ask around you are bound to find someone!

Keep studying and trade on!