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Finviz (short for Financial Visualizations) is a site that provides financial research, analysis and visualization. It makes market information accessible in visual snapshots to enable traders and investors to find a stock or Forex pairs they are interested in trading.

How to use the Finviz Stock Screener

Go to to access the Finiz screener, click on ‘SCREENER’ on the blue menu bar at the top of the screen. Once on the screener page you will find it separated into four sections; Descriptive, Fundamental, Technical and All, which can help you filter stocks and narrow down the list to stocks that you want to trade.

The first step is to eliminate stocks that are low-volume and potentially volatile stocks using the Descriptive tab. You can do this by selecting stocks with a high average trading volume in terms of shares. You can use the Descriptive tab to further narrow the list by selecting the sector, Market Cap, country and the price of the stocks you are interested in trading.



The second step is to narrow down your search to high trending stocks using the technical tab by eliminating stocks that are below the moving day average. To do this on the technical tab, select ‘SMA20 above SMA50′ in the 20-Day Stock Movement Average tab in the purchases 1 frame and ‘SMA50 above SMA200′ in the 50-Day Stock Movement Average in the purchases 2 frames. To narrow down the list further, sift through the stock charts that pop up on each individual stock as you move the cursor over the stock symbol.


For the full chart which has greater detail and information, click on the stock symbol. Use the charts to identify stocks with a rhythmic set up and trend and avoid stocks with huge gaps and numerous sideway periods. Also look for stocks that were unaffected by recent pullbacks in the index or least affected than the major index during the pullback, this is a show of relative strength of the stocks.

FINVIZ screener provides a chart of inverse correlation stocks that move in the opposite direction when analyzing and this gives a good basis for hedging. The screener also gives all the financial ratios of the company trading its shares in the market and this gives one a clear picture of what is expected when you decide to invest in such stocks.


Unlike other stock screeners, FINVIZ screener is considered the best because everyone finds it easy to use and understand. With loads of metrics that one can use to narrow down the search, you can choose to use technical indicators or fundamentals. With all information an investor could want, including financial news, insider trading, industry and sector performance, as well as futures and Forex data, this gives you a good base to make a decision on where to invest.

The benefits cannot be beat. FINVIZ displays results in a neat table with preset headings that are easily sortable and you can save the results and export them to Excel for further analysis. You can also add stock symbols manually to the screener page and have your own customized watch list.

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